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What is a visa?

Visa is an authorization issued by the representative of the Government of a country permitting a person, not resident in that country, to enter its boundaries.


Who issues visas for Russia?

The Embassy of the Russian Federation and its Consulate are representatives of the Russian Federation, who issue visas for their country.


Do I need a visa?

Russia established a visa free regime with several European, Asian and South American countries. To check whether the visa free regime is applicable in your case, please contact the Russian consulate in your country.


Once I am issued a visa, can I travel all over Russia?

Normally, yes. You will be issued a visa to the country, not to any specific places. Once in Russia, you have the right to change your original itinerary and travel elsewhere.


Do I need to indicate my exact itinerary?

Please indicate the main cities you plan to visit. Small towns and places that you plan to visit for a day or two do not need to be specified.


I have arrived in Russia. How do I register my visa?

A foreign citizen must register with the local migration authorities within 7 business days upon arrival. Then a visa has to be re-registered at each city where you stay more than 7 business days.


How to get Russian visa?

Get Visa in few easy steps: 1. order an invitation (visa support) letter; 2. Apply for Russian visa at the consulate or embassy. Beyond Travel provides tourist and business invitations. Fill the form to get the Tourist Invitation online.


Is the visa valid for Russia only?

The Embassy of the Russian Federation issues visas for Russia only.


Can Beyond Travel prepare my Visa application for me?

Our company doesn't prepare visa applications, but provides papers including Invitation to Russia which are necessary to receive the Visa.


How do I get Invitation to Russia?

The process of getting Invitation to Russia (Support Letter for Russian Visa) is very simple:

  • Fill in the application form.
  • Since hotel booking is required for visa support, if you don't have one, we recommend to book hotels in Russia through Booking.com. Confirmations provided by Booking.com are eligible for russian visa invitation.
  • Use PayPal or credit card to securely pay online.
  • Receive by email your complete set of official support documents within 24 hours after the payment is processed.

How do I apply for a visa to Russia?

Get Russian Visa in 8 steps. Read more.


Do I have to provide original documents at Visa Application Centre or copies?

Confirm from the application Centre, consulate or embassy if the Invitation Letter has to be presented as original document sent by post or emailed scanned copy is permitted.


What are the Visa processing times?

Visa processing times vary from country to country but usually takes from 5 working days or next working day depending upon the visa category applied for and the application itself.


If my visa is issued, from when does the validity begin?

The validity of the visa begins from the date of your departure mentioned on the visa.


Where can I get information on the addresses of the visa centers?

You can search this information online. Normally the addresses of Visa Application Centers and Embassy will be easily found.


If I have received visas in the past, do I have to submit a full set of documents when applying for a new visa for another trip?

Yes. All applications for Russian visa require documents as specified by the Embassy of the Russian Federation even if you are applying again.


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